«Suvorov»’s « Art Palace» gallery

Nearly every 2 steps in Atrium Palace Hotel interior are involving you into a wonderful world of more than 500 paintings of different genres and styles. «Suvorov»’s « Art Palace» gallery is the largest private one in Yekaterinburg.  Landscapes, portraits, still-life paintings are impressing with their realism. Our contemporaries hardly use the crystals which were popular among all artists since Renaissance. But nevertheless nature is still gorgeous in works of modern landscape painters. These are narrow, crystal streams with green grass picturesque riversides, and well-defined shapes of old branchу trees on snow background. Or there is a lake fused in haze and enormous endless sky…..

Oil canvas-mounting painting, watercolor and acrylic paintings - each picture will tell its own story in silence. Valeriy Suvorov collects the canvases professionally.


With Palm Sunday, our friends!

Drop around to have a look at our "paintings"…


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